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    Manufacturers can OEM all kinds of electric vehicles, citycoco, scooter for customers around the world.

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    Patent Protection

    More models are being developed with patent protection, which can authorize customers to sell exclusively and protect their rights and interests.

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    Each model will have a lot of configuration, motor power, battery, and so on, can be customized for customers, minimum order amount is very small.

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    Spare parts can be given proportionally, very competitive spare parts price, very low after-sales cost, to ensure quality.

M3 Newest Retro Electric Motorcycle Citycoco With 12 Inch Motorcycle 3000W

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  • Mini Electric Scooter With Seat For Adult Children
  • Harley Electric Scooter – Stylish Design
  • Lithium Battery Fat Tyre Electric Scooter

Why Choose Us

  • Expert Development Team And Well-Equipped Workshop

    Our company has a development team of experienced professionals and a well-equipped workshop under strict supervision. We prioritize attention to detail and strive for excellence in every aspect of our manufacturing, from the design of our products to the quality of the materials we use.

  • Continuous Improvement And Customer Support

    Thanks to the continuous support of our customers, we have made great strides in the industry. However, we recognize the importance of continuous improvement and strive to push the limits of what our products can offer. We are now seeking to establish new business relationships with European and South American markets and are committed to producing only the highest quality products to gain the recognition our company deserves.

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