Which is more practical, Harley electric bike or ordinary electric bike?

1. The cruising kilometers are different. Specific differences: Harley electric vehicles have unique shapes and attract attention. They are new equipment for young people and have a range of 35 to 45 kilometers. Ordinary electric vehicles have an ordinary shape and can normally travel 30 kilometers.

2. The advantage of smart electric vehicles compared to ordinary electric vehicles is that they can control the power system, improve the vehicle’s control performance, and can also communicate with smart devices.

3. Yes, Hello electric cars are better. Note: The charging standard for Harrow motorcycles is 2 yuan/30 minutes, which is the same standard, but a little more expensive. There is no standard of free within 1 hour. There may be promotions and free rides.

4. First, it is battery life. As a transportation tool, the length of battery life is really important. The range of Harley electric vehicles currently sold on the market is generally between 35 and 45 kilometers. This is the actual parameter. Of course, the merchants boast that it is 50 to 80 kilometers.

5. There is a big difference. Ordinary electric vehicles only have simple riding functions. Hello electric vehicles are smart electric vehicles. The VVsmart hyper-connected vehicle system equipped with them can be connected to the mobile phone APP. It can not only realize remote switch and lock through the mobile phone , navigation, abnormal movement alarm, and self-checking of the performance of various vehicle accessories, which is particularly convenient.

6. Advantages: The beautiful appearance is an advantage. Smart locks are controlled by a mobile phone APP and have no keys, which is an advantage. Disadvantages: slow. Compared with other electric vehicles that can be registered, the speed is slower. Strictly adhere to the speed of 20kg/h. Average quality. I bought the car a year ago and it broke down.

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Post time: Oct-19-2023