M3 Newest Retro Electric Motorcycle Citycoco with 12 Inch Motorcycle 3000W

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After several years of development since 2015, Harley electric vehicles finally ushered in a breakthrough product in 2019, which is the M3.

Product Detail

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Product Size 205*80*110(L*W*H)
Package Size 190*36*80(L*W*H)
Speed 45km/h
Voltage 60V
Motor ZO 1500W
Charging Time (60V 12A) 7H
(60V 15-20A) 9H
Payload ≤200kgs
Max Climbing ≤25degree
N.W/G.W 75/85kgs
Packing Material Iron Frame + Carton


Brake Oil Brake+EABS
Damping Front+Back Shock Absorber
Display Meter display voltage,range,speed, battery display
Battery ONE  Removable Battery
Hub size rear 12inch tyre/front 215/40-12
Light Front Light + Rear Turn Light
Other Fittings with Alarm Apparatus
with Rear View Mirror


EXW price without battery ¥3050
Battery capacity Distance range ¥Battery price
13A 35KM ¥780
15A 45KM ¥980
18A 55KM ¥1130
20A 60KM ¥1280


Reference:Distance range is based on 8 inch 1500W motor, 70KG load actual test.

Optional Accessories

1-Phone holder+15
2-Phone holder with USB +25
4-Custom-made golf  holder of different models, please contact with us to get price.
5-Double super light+60
7-Remote bluetooth music :+130

product introduction

Stuck by the price factor, factories have entered into a vicious circle, constantly testing product performance and prices. We also want to make better products, but the market always finds it difficult to accept his price. We need time to further understand the market .
After two years of exploration, we finally decided to develop the M3. Its subversive design is very similar to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but it is electric. There is no mechanical texture, but he has a sense of technology and the future. He was a model that people had never seen before. When it passes by on the street, it can leave a deep impression on all passers-by. They must be wondering where such a car comes from. Yes, it comes from our Hongguan electric scooter mamufacturing factory.

We have customized dozens of colors for you to choose from. Brilliant colors can more impact the customer's vision. His positioning is youth, which can better cater to the aesthetics of young people. All in all it is COOL.

M3 citycoco is positioned as a high-end electric vehicle, and of course has better performance. It is equipped with 12-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The standard rated power is 1500W, and the speed is 45KM/H. Of course, the maximum power of the motor can be expanded to 3000W, and the speed is 70KM/H. . Very strong power, satisfy your speed stimulation
Regarding battery life, it can be equipped with a maximum 30A lithium battery, which means that with a motor power of 1500W and a load capacity of 75KG, it can run more than 60KM in actual road conditions. For an urban electric car, it can completely relieve your anxiety about insufficient battery life.

It has an avant-garde, trendy design, coupled with good performance, making him dazzling.

My customers, you come from all over the world. Among you, you already know the electric vehicle market very well, and there are also new customers who are new to this industry. M3 is a high-end model, suitable for customers who know the market very well, it can bring you better benefits, and it also tests the customer's marketing strength. You are on the front line of sales, we are really looking forward to cooperating with you, providing us with more inspirations for product development, and we will provide you with more and more reliable OEM products. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with friends from all over the world.


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