Q1 Classic Wide Tire Harley Citycoco for Adult

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Around 2010, the first Harley electric car was born. The large tires, high handlebars, exemplary Harley riding style, and simple shape caused a sensation in the field of two-wheeled electric cars. Until now, countless Related models have been popular so far.

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Product Size 176*38*110cm
Package Size 176*38*85cm Without removing the front wheel
N.W/G.W 60/65kgs
Motor date Power-Speed 1500W-40KM/H
Battery date Voltage:60V
ONE removable Battery can be instlled
ONE battery capacity:12A,15A,18A,20A
Charging date (60V 2A)
Payload ≤200kgs
Max Climbing ≤25degree


Brake  Front and rear Oil Brake+Disc Brake
Damping Front Shock Absorber
Display Meter display voltage,range,speed, battery display
Accelerate way handle bar accelerate, 1-2-3 speed control and Cruise control
Hub size 8 Inch Iron hub 1500W
Tire 18*9.5
Packing Material Iron Frame or Carton
Light Front light, rear and turn light
Optional accessories Motor power upgrade:
1.8 inch Iron hub 2000W
2.10inch Aluminium alloy 1500W motor
3.12inch Aluminium alloy 2000W motor

20GP: 45PCS  40GP: 125+PCS

product introduction

Compared with traditional electric vehicles, it has a novel style and earns a lot of attention on the road. It is loved by young people and is popular in Europe and the United States. Therefore, this product is mainly aimed at young people, urban white-collar groups

Let me briefly introduce the performance parameters of the classic electric car: (MODEL Q1)

8-inch wheels, tire width 18.5, there are a variety of motor power to choose from, the standard configuration is 1500W, and a motor with a rated power of 2000W and a maximum power of 2600W is optional. In terms of speed, the 1500W speed is set at 40KM/H, which is an economical speed, which is more practical and takes into account both speed and power consumption. In terms of battery, a 60V12A lithium battery can be installed, with a cruising range of 35km, and the maximum upgrade can be 20A, and the cruising range can reach 60KM.
At the same time, it can be upgraded to a detachable battery for charging.
The simple design means sacrificing some configuration, such as no rear shock absorption, which has relatively high requirements for road conditions and is only suitable for road riding.
If you have higher requirements for riding, you can pay attention to more improved models.

We are Yongkang Hongguan Hardware Factory. We have been developing and producing electric vehicles since 2015. The main product is Harley electric vehicles. We work hard, constantly develop new models, improve quality, and OEM. Now we also carry out international trade.
With the prosperity of the industry, the company has also achieved long-term development with the support of customers. However, the road is long and we still have a long way to go. Now actively carry out foreign trade business, and strive to open up the European and South American markets. Only by working hard to make a good product can we continue to get the support of customers. The recognition of customers is the driving force for our progress, and the opinions of customers are the direction of our progress. Very welcome to communicate with friends from all over the world, mutual benefit and win-win market


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